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Kamand Razavi & Résidences Art
@Kanal Centre-Pompidou

Kamand Razavi, Iranian photographer/videographer will be working with Résidences Art and they are associated with the

Kanal Centre-Pompidou in Brussels. 

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Kamand Razavi

Originally from Iran, Kamand Razavi is a graduate photographer from the Free University of Tehran. Alongside her professional activities, Kamand has collaborated with a major Iranian art magazine, while participating in several group exhibitions in Tehran and Ankara. 

Settled in Belgium since 2017, Kamand has resumed her photography studies at the École nationale supérieure des arts visuels de La Cambre. Several of her projects have been presented in solo and group exhibitions in Brussels, at the Maison de la Francité, Piano Fabriek, Hangar.  

With her artistic approach, which mixes photos and performance videos, Kamand seeks to understand and reappropriate the female body.  


Nola N'Guessan & Florence Akyams
@Résidences Art

Nola N'Guessan

Nola is a Modern Literature major with a passion for British, American & Black American Classics. She devours French classics and is familiar with art conferences and exhibitions. She ensures the cultural and relational aspect of Residences Art, bringing essential references to consolidate the artists' approaches in order to create bridges between disciplines and current events. 

Florence Akyams

Graphic designer and illustrator, Florence ensures the aesthetics of Residences Art, she know the artistic world, but not only.

Advocating strong values, accompanied by a very personal universe made of references drawn from her Franco-Congolese mix, she ensures the originality and diversity of the themes addressed, as well as the follow-up of the artists. 

RESIDENCES ART is a cultural laboratory focused on artistic creation and cultural mediation. We work to promote and disseminate art and culture through exhibitions of guest artists in order to provoke reflection, debate and the decompartmentalization of minds and prejudices. 

The project was born from the identity of three mixed-race women and the need to give equal opportunities to young artists from minorities. 

"At a certain point in our lives, we felt the need to reclaim our dual heritage and our dual cultural heritage to better understand our place in society and this through the artistic practice of emerging artists."

RESIDENCES ART, which evokes the multiple places of belonging of identities, develops and conceptualizes the artistic approach of young artists to give them strength and confidence in their art. The artist is guided in his or her approach, creation, and artistic production. We propose a space of sharing, exchange and experimentation in order to enlarge the artist's network, his visibility and diversify his portfolio. Through this, he will be able to launch himself into the professional world and thus blossom fully in his artistic approach. 

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@Résidences Art

@Kanal Centre-Pompidou

The ambition of the KANAL Foundation, the first center for modern and contemporary art in the Brussels-Capital Region, is to offer a place of culture and exchange open to all, to honor the artistic and creative scene of Brussels and to contribute to the cultural attractiveness of the capital.

At the instigation of the Audience Department, the Kanal Foundation has joined the "Homelands, places of belonging" project and Résidences Art by proposing to work with the artist Kamand Razavi. This collaboration is part of the intention to create and participate in collaborative artistic and cultural projects during the three years the museum is closed. The work done during the "Homelands, places of belonging" project is fully integrated into the "Kanal Collective" project, which aims to present an exhibition of participatory works conceived during the three years of the museum's closure, at its final opening in 2024. These works will bear witness to the collective memory of Brussels' neighborhoods in all their diversity. 

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