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The Homelands project is also about training. At the start of the Homelands process with the new artists, a 1-week artistic residency is organized during which an (inter) national team of IYMF cultural ambassadors and experts work with the tandems, teaching them complementary artistic activities, pedagogical and social skills needed to engage in the co-creative process.

2 additional training sessions/master classes will be integrated in the process in order to address the needs and challenges that will rise during the project and to prepare the final result of each project.

“The importance of co-creation in challenging times”

In order to keep our community alive and nurtured, to help co-creators around the globe to continue their creative work in this online new reality and to find new and hybrid ways of interacting with our audiences without losing the basics of co-creation, The Homelands trainers realised 5 online trainings.

Andor Timar

Andor first graduated as an actor in Budapest (1994). Since then, he has worked in theatre, film and voice-over projects. Since 1999, he has been pursuing his career in the world of entertainment by directing and producing videos and theatre productions. In addition to his artistic activities, Andor is an Executive Coach with a proven history of working in the management consulting industry demonstrating skills in non-profit management, negotiations, coaching, film and event management. A strong human resources professional, a graduate of the Academy of Executive Coaching, London, Andor has also been offering training courses for all generations since 1993.


Ilse Wijnen

For some time now, Ilse Wijnen has been working mainly on a project basis in the art sector, instead of presenting herself individually as an artist. Grasped by the transformative power of images and sounds, the working process merges form and content and blur the boundaries between different disciplines.

Due to the wide interest, the studies that have been conducted are very diverse: art history, archaeology and anthropology; drawing, sculpting, painting, lithography, restoration painting and film art; recitation and theatre of movement; voice (Sound-oriented singing Lichtenstein, Roy Hart…)  and vocals; practical philosophy (including Zeno and Initia)…

The richness of art and ancient cultures, music, myths are expressed in stories, workshops with children and adults, elaborating artistic concepts, studio guidance, decor, acting, directing, writing dramaturgy and screenwriting, writing poems and stories, art visual works, visual anthropology realizations, landscape installations ...

She engages herself in educational, social and purely artistic projects and research labo theoretical matters.

She does not regard her work as the most individual expression of a feeling, but as a process based on an inner necessity.

Since 1984 she creates as an artist with insider –and outsider artists in the KNEPH atelier in an anonymous way, such as Gesamtkunst in the Middle Ages.


Raul Iaiza

Raúl Iaiza was born in Argentina, he lives in Italy since 1986. He developed his musical career in the field of choral and instrumental Early music in Argentina. In Italy, he graduated in Recorder at the Civica Scuola di Musica in Milan; and postgraduate in the Accademia Chigiana of Siena. From 1999 to 2013 he was National Artistic Coordinator of Mus-e Italia Onlus, a project affiliated to the International Yehudi Menuhin Fondation. From 2005 to 2006 he directed in Coro Hispanoamericano of Milan. In 1994 he began his theatrical career, founding the La Madrugada Theater. He directed all the shows of the company, until 2010. Since 2000 he has collaborated in several projects with Odin Teatret (Denmark): he was assistant director of Eugenio Barba for Salt (2002), Andersen's Dream (2004), Don Juan at Hell (2006) and The cronic life (2011); he worked on the training pedagogy with Torgeir Wethal, creating with him the Fuga on Training, work demonstration on the actors' trainer.

From 2007 to 2017 he directed Regula contra Regulam, the Educational project of the Grotowski Institute (Wroclaw, Poland), working in a pedagogical tandem with several guest teachers. Since 2010 he is a founding member of Regula Teatro. As director he directed all productions and co-productions by Regula Teatro.

As an invited director he has directed: Korean Butterfly's Land (2010, Nottle Theater, South Korea); En surco ajeno (2012, Comedia Cordobesa, Argentina); Diotima (2017, La Puerta Estrecha, Spain), and others. As a pedagogue he regularly collaborates with various institutions, theaters and festivals all over the world.

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