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Frederico Araujo & Caroline Donnelly

Frederico Araujo, an actor from Brazil currently studying at RITCS as a director, will be working with the Wolubilis in Brussels.

Frederico Araujo

Frederico Araujo is Brazilian and an actor graduated at UNIRIO/Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In 2020 he is approved to do his Master in Theater - Directing - at RITCS (Royal Institute for Theater Cinema & Sound) where his research is still ongoing in Brussels.


He is a multiple artist in (eternal) formation who has pursued his work mainly in theater, on stage, where he has more than 15 shows between Brazil and Belgium. He also accumulates experiences in dance, circus, performance, bilingual (French-English) master of ceremonies and teacher of theater and dance. 


Rêves de papier (2020) with Cie. tangentes is his second show in Belgium. His first creation in Brussels took place in 2013 for the show Burning, directed by Frédéric Dussenne in co-production with Rideau de Bruxelles. On that occasion, he was chosen by the director during an artistic workshop among Brazilian artists.


In 2021-22 he offers a theater and dance class for children as a regular teacher at the Roseraie; and is one of the artists invited to develop a community co-creation in Wolubilis in the project Homelands, places of belonging at the initiative of the International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation

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Caroline Donnelly

Caroline left Ireland in 1990 for France to perfect her French. But she kept the desire to do theater and soon she left France to settle in Belgium and enrolled in the International Theater School, De Kleine Academie, a school based on the teaching of Jacques Lecoq.  


From 1995 to 2001, she participated in all the creations of the company Espace Temps in Brussels, collaborating with actors such as Yoshi Oida from P. Brook and Jean Sasportes from Pina Bausch.  At the same time, she was called upon to create shows in prisons and met the Firefly collective with whom she collaborated on all the films and performances for many years, all the while pursuing her profession as an actress.  


She touched everything.  Writing workshops, cinema, coaching, translating, acting, directing and voice acting for films in English and French.  


The show "En trois lettres" won the Minister's Prize at the Festival de Huy Belgium in 2011.  Her performance "Wideawake" won the prize of the Palais du Beaux Arts in 2003.   In 2011 she met Joel Pommerat and participated in the creation of Cinderella, which is currently touring around the world and is a real success (Prix de la Critique 2011 Belgium, Prix de la Critique Quebec, 2015-2016 Best foreign show).  


In cinema she has worked with Mabrouk El Mechri, Patrice Leconte, Yves Hanchar, Stephan Everart, Romane Coppola and Guillaume and Stéphan Malandrin, Gérard Depardieu, Tom Shankland... 

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@Ateliers de Wolubilis

Les Ateliers de Wolubilis is a Center of Expression and Creativity (CEC) attached to the Wolubilis Cultural Center. 


Throughout the year, artistic, creative and/or civic workshops are offered to the general public through a program focused on different orientations: textile arts, performing arts, plastic arts, music, jewelry, writing, well-being. 

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