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Ahmad Alsaadi & Delphine Martens
@Culture Department of the 
Commune of Ixelles

Ahmad Alsaadi, a young Syrian photographer who has already participated in Homelands 2019 is back in the Culture Department of the

Commune of Ixelles.

Ahmad Alsaadi

Ahmad Alsaadi is a young Syrian artist photographer from Daraa, the first city to rise up against the dictatorship in Syria. He was born there on 18/9/1995. During the revolution he worked with the opposition under several pseudonyms as a citizen journalist, photographing the demonstrations and events in Daraa.


In 2013, following the bombing by the regime and the destruction of his parental home he was forced to leave Syria. In search of freedom, he undertook a journey to Europe, which he tried to capture through the lens of his camera. From this life experience came two photographic projects "The Road to Exile" and "My Journey to Life", which earned him the prize for the second best photographer in Brussels in the "Show Me Yourope" competition.


Ahmad has been living in Brussels for five years now, photographing the city and its small details on a daily basis. He now works as a photojournalist, assistant director and filmmaker, as he had gained these experiences through his participation in several projects and works, including:

  1. Director, editing and production in Homeland places of belong 2019. Photographer exhibition and light show in Zinnema

  2. CO-Director with OZOOM, TV program, Technical assistant (light, sound, cameraman) and logistic assistant.

  3. Working on SOUND DEVISE 302 in Cinema Film directed by DIRECTOR ANGELA ALSOLAIMAN and the name of the film is: To My Father

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Delphine Martens

In love with Brussels, novelist and opera singer by training, Delphine has worked as a trainer in French as a foreign language in different countries, as a production manager at BOZAR and then as a freelance for various missions in the cultural sector (subsidies, organization of events, content writing).


She joined the Cultural Service of the Municipality of Ixelles in 2020, as a programmer of concerts and shows for young audiences. Mediation, inclusion of all audiences and territorial anchoring are at the heart of her concerns in these new missions. 

Bio Ahmad 2021

@Culture Department of the
Commune of Ixelles

Each year, the Culture Department of the Commune of Ixelles develops its own program (shows for young audiences, exhibitions, concerts, street arts, etc.), manages several rooms dedicated to cultural activities, welcomes artists in residence and actively supports cultural operators in the Ixelles area. The department became bilingual in 2019 and is composed of a multidisciplinary team that also includes the French and Dutch libraries.  

With the support of Christos Doulkeridis, Mayor, of Ken Ndiaye, alderman for culture, of Els Gossé, alderman for Dutch culture, and of the members of the Communal Council of the Commune of Ixelles

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