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Past Projects

Leandro et Jérôme.jpg

@Rock's Cool &Le Delta Namur

Leandro Ramirez

& Jérôme Mardaga

Leandro Ramirez (#graffiti #architect) and Jérôme Mardaga (musician) will be working with a group (all ages) made up of 90% of students from the music school but also of people linked to these students or who have heard about the project. Together they will make a projection of a documentary with live performance (graffiti and music). 

  • Interview Leandro

@GC De Kroon

Hussein Rassim & Octavio Amos & Mattias Verhelst

The 3 musical artists, Hussein Rassim (#musician #oud), Octavio Amos (#musician #stylist) and Mattias Verhelst (cultural worker & musician) will present, together with youngsters from Chiro Berchem Sainte-Agathe, a unique flag, and music-literary performances based on texts and songs created by the participants and the artists. 

  • Interview Hussein Rassim @GC De Kroon


Alida Heikerk

& Adams Mensah

During the first period of workshops, Alida Heikerk (#jewellery) and Adams Mensah worked with adults (mostly refugees) from all ages in relation to the arts. Alida made a typical clothing from Suriname (lendendoek), with the integration of the self-made jewels by the participants.   

  • Interview Leandro
Projet Leandro & Hussein & Alida
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@GC De Markten

Zeinabou Hamidou Diori

& Hilde Van Geel

Zeinabou Hamidou Diori (#painter #visualart) and Hilde Van Geel (cultural worker), together with the group of participants mainly consisting of homeless people (via Hobo) and vulnerable target groups (via Link=Brussel), are heading towards an installation of small clay figures and a photo exhibition. 

  • Interview Zeinabou
Schermafbeelding 2020-09-15 om 20.21.28.png


Timur Magomedgadzhiev

& Aline Leynen

Timur Magomedgadzhiev (#actor), Aline Leynen (cultural worker) and Lore Loyens (director) co-create mainly with intercultural adults interested in theatre. Their project resulted in a film composed of different theatre scenes and performance art around the theme of the project. 

  • Interview Timur
Ahmad zinnema2.jpg


Ahmad Al Saadi

& Norma Pendergast

Ahmad Al Saadi (#photographer) and Norma Pendergast worked with the local associations’ partners of the project: Club 55, the Maison des Voyageurs and the Steiner school. They produced an exhibition of photos taken during the weekly meetings from 10/18 to 3/19, as well as a heart-warming documentary on the issue of feeling at home.

  • Interview Ahmad
Projet Zeinabou & Timur & Ahmaad
Shalaan Lazim by Benoit Coutiez1.jpg

@Les Ateliers du Temps Libre - Wolubilis

Shalaan Lazim

& Benoit Coutier & Ada Rajszys

Shalaan Lazim (#sculpture) leads the participants of the 3D workshop (adult women) to a 3D installation based on the idea of migration and the group’s personal interpretation by integrating Shalaan’s experience.

  • Interview Shalaan
Photo de eve deroover.jpg


Hussein Rassim 

& Amèle Metlini

Under the leadership of Hussein  Rassim (#musician #oud) and his colleagues, a group of young people from the area (Le Foyer) and a group of children from an out-of-school workshop (Ecole 6) (MCCS) will come together in an audiovisual and music show on the core theme of the project. 

  • Interview Hussein Rassim
Mohammad in Pianofabriek4.png.jpeg


Mohammad Aukal

& Julie De Clerck

Mohammad Aukal (#dancer) has worked with a group of 12-14 years olds (from the district) under a film project, “City Zoom”.  This year, they work on the theme "homelands" and are coached by Mohammed. Together with the youngsters, they are looking for a unique language in which movement and film form a unity.


  • Interview Mohammad
Projet Shalaan & Hussein & Mohammad

@Les Ateliers du Temps Libre - Wolubilis

Chinara Miamona

& Christine Donnelly

During drama classes at the Ateliers du Temps Libre, the group of participants (of all ages) got inspired by the personal story of Chinara Miamona (#drawing #painting) and turned it into a final show. 

  • Interview Chinara
Studio Platon Homelands Abunada9.jpg

@Evere L'Entrela & Studio Platon

Abdelsalam Abunada

& Véronique Gollard & Pauline Richon

As a residential artist in the Platon district in Evere, Abdelsalam Abunada (#painter #filmmaker) meets the local residents every week. On the basis of their ideas and personal wishes in connection with their habitat (home), they will jointly create a multidisciplinary artistic work which has been exhibited in their district. 

  • Interview Abdelsalam

@MUS-E School Baron Steens - 4th primary

Ali Sabri

& Patries Wichers

Together with a primary school from the Marolles district in Brussels, Ali Sabri (#painter) has researched the places of origin of each child and their feelings of belonging today. School sessions will lead to an exhibition in cooperation with the Flea market on the Place du Jeu de Balle. 

  • Interview Ali
Projet Chinara & Abdelsalam & Ali


Tony Bland Degli

& Enna Halie

Tony Bland (#fashion #design) guides adult participants of different ages within a Batik workshop. At the end of their work, a Batik installation will be organized, evoking a place where everybody can feel at home. 

  • Interview Tony
Projet Tony Bland Degli
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