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Homelands, places of belonging

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(from Latin: corporari, "to form into a body")


As part of "Homelands, Places of Belonging", the community-based co-creative project led by newcomer artists and initiated by the International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation, the photographic and video artist Kamand Razavi was invited to explore the question: "What does it mean to feel at home?


With this question, as simple as it is complex, the Iranian artist, in partnership with Résidences Art and Kanal Centre-Pompidou, went to meet local groups in the municipalities of Brussels-Centre and Molenbeek in order to find an answer that could resonate and find meaning in each of us.

Corporatoria #1

Co-creation and testimonies in collaboration with the Bruciteam of Bravo

Brussels-Centre, March to May 2022

Corporatoria #2

Co-creation and testimonies in collaboration with Salwa's belly dance class

House of cultures, Molenbeek, May to June 2022


To the ambassadors of citizen expression, Bravo and the Bruciteam, Salwa and her students.

© Kamand Razavi © Lucine Letassey © Maxime Rouchet

A co-creative project in partnership with Fondation Kanal, Résidences Art and Kamand Razavi.

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