Leandro Ramirez (El Salvador) & Jérôme Mardaga @ ROCK'S COOL 

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Leandro Ramirez

My name is Leandro Ramírez, I was born in San Salvador, El Salvador; in August 1986.

I was born and raised in a home with many values and surrounded by my family. Since I was a child, I loved art through drawing and painting, however, I never went to a school for it, rather I learned by exploring drawing on my own.

Since I was young, I understood that illustration has been very important from ancient cultures to express thoughts and also as an object of identity. That's why around 2004 I became interested in Graffiti as a means of expression, I became part of a group of friends who met to paint on the walls. It was part of my daily life to make "tags", I always liked the fact that I could leave a trace in my path.

On the other hand, I was very involved with music, at the age of 14 I became interested in learning the guitar, at 20 I was part of a group with which we played in bars and restaurants on weekends. Later on, I made music on my own with audio programs and shared it with my friends.

In 2005 I entered the University of El Salvador to study Architecture. I graduated in 2012, since then I have worked as an architect, which is another part that I consider very important for me, since it allows me to approach concepts related to art from another perspective.

I left my country at the beginning of the year 2019, and I am currently in Belgium with my family in search of a safer horizon; and waiting to be able to continue with what I love to do, graphic design and architecture, until life allows me to do so.

Jérôme Mardaga

Born in Liege, Belgium, in 1972. With a guitarist formation, Jérôme embarked on a career as a musician and singer-songwriter in the late 1980s. Evolving within numerous projects, sometimes very different from each other, Jérôme has grown over the years and feeds his appetite for new experiences. With his guitar and songs, he hit the roads of Europe but also of China, Canada and the United States. Since 2017, Jérôme has broadened his activity to ambient electronic music and multiplies his achievements and concerts in this particular field.

In addition, Jérôme is a teacher and pedagogical coordinator at Rock's Cool in Namur. He also works actively within the network Nationale 5, as a trainer, consultant and international representative.

The Delta is designed to be a pleasant living space, open to all.

Its concept is based on the principle of the "Third Location", where the public becomes actor, where one conceives as much as receives, where culture is experienced in a spontaneous, natural way, where it is nice to meet, share and, through the exchanges that the place and its cultural action generate, to create common sense. The Delta therefore offers spaces that encourage people to meet each other, that foster creativity, the exchange of ideas, knowledge, practices, resources, desires… Culture is naturally and freely experienced.  

In the tradition of the new extra-academic schools, Rock's Cool offers an original learning of current music. The music, is seen as a collective approach.

The primary goal of the school is to provide the tools to go beyond the individual approach of the practice of the instrument. Our teaching is based on semi-individual lessons and ensemble lessons given throughout the school year.

Appropriate techniques and theories are given according to the needs of the student at each stage of his or her development. The evaluation of the student is carried out continuously, thus providing a strong interpersonal relationship between teachers and students. Emphasis is laid above all on the human encounter between musicians, but also on the approach of the different performing environments.

All creative initiatives in this area are encouraged by Rock's Cool, which devotes human and material resources them.

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