Zeinabou Hamidou Diori (Niger) & Hilde Van Geel @ GC De Markten​​

Zeinabou Hamidou Diori

Zeinabou Hamidou Diori is born on thr 5th of August 1978 in Niger and moved to Brussels in 2009.

Her nomadic way of living allowed her to explore diverse and alternative forms of expression. The contrast between Belgium and her native country has deeply impacted her work and development.

As a bold and reckless artist, she appeals to a public eager to discover new art forms and is aware of the evolution of the arts.


Zeinabou is an experimental, multidisciplinary artist working with various forms of expression from canvas to live performances, from sculpture to monumental installations, not to mention documentaries and videos allowing her to examine the effect of her voice on the audience. Jackson Pollock, Jean Michel Basquiat, Yayoi Kusama, Nan June Paik, Malik Sidibe and Marina Abramović are a few names she admires that influence her work.

Hilde Van Geel

Hilde Van Geel (1983, Vilvoorde) holds a bachelor's degree in Social Work since 2007. She worked as guidance counsellor at Minor Ndako, as social worker at OCMW Leuven and guardian for unaccompanied foreign minors at Rode Kruis Vlaanderen before joining the Flemish Community Commission in 2014.

She was assigned to De Markten community centre as an environment-oriented worker. There she is responsible for the volunteer work, she works on projects with various partners and she is involved in the socio-artistic project Forsiti'A that De Markten organises in collaboration with partners Hobo vzw and Link=Brussel vzw.

De Markten is the community centre of the Brussels Pentagon and is there both for those who live in the city centre and for those who come from further away. From our local roots we want to promote the quality of life in the city and work towards a tolerant city. This is why we carefully follow the urban policy and themes such as mobility, housing and air quality which are given an central place in our activities. We want to be a relevant player in the local network of the inner city by developing a community-forming effect with a cultural offer, an educational programme, events and actions. To this end, we work together with local associations, large cultural houses, welfare organisations, schools and citizens' initiatives, both inside and outside the walls of the community centre. In our monthly magazine De Vijfhoek (The Pentagon) attention is paid to the many facets of the inner city. Our operation is supported by a large group of enthusiastic volunteers, who help to achieve all the above mentioned goals.

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