At the start of the 6 months-project a 1 week artistic residency was organized by the IYMF in the framework of the training program of the European Menuhin Art lab, during which an (inter) national team of IYMF cultural ambassadors and experts worked with the tandems, teaching them complementary artistic activities, pedagogical and social skills needed to engage in the co-creative process.


Throughout the 6 months, 2 additional training sessions/master classes will be integrated in the process in order to address the needs and challenges that will rise during the process and to prepare the final result of each project.

Training #1

Trainers : Andor Timar (HU), Raul Iaza (IT), and Ilse Wijnen (BE).

How to start a co-creative process? How to turn creative ideas into action? How to involve everyone in the group? How to work in an interdisciplinary way ? These are some of the issues that will be addressed during this first training in order to start in an enthusiastic

and dynamic way our project.

Training #2

Trainers : Andor Timar (HU) and Ilse Wijnen (BE)

The main questions addressed were : How to manage, recognise and anticipate to different energies and personalities in the group?  How to organise/structure the workshop? How do I improvise at moments things go astray? This workshop was an eye-opener to take into consideration that we are different types of people

Training #3

Trainers: Andor Timar (HU) and Ilse Wijnen (BE)

This day was focused on how the Covid situation has affected us positively and what personal lesson have we learned from it. For some it wasn't a lockdown, but a slow down, for others, they realised they wanted to move on to something else. This Covid situation made us also think about our mindset when facing such circumstances. 


Finally, the most important lesson for our Homelands team, according to the content of the training, was how to listen to each other, feel the other ones needs and to be able to determine the role of each other.

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